ClearWater BMP Filtration System

We at CLEARWATER SOLUTIONS® Inc. welcome you to our innovative storm water filtration system, the ClearWater BMP. Designed with the future in mind, the ClearWater BMP is a powerful advancement in sidewalk curb inlet filtration technology. Our multi-chambered stainless steel filter system allows storm water to be screened, settled, and then filtered. This aggressive filtration design significantly reduces concentrations of trash, sediment, oil and grease, metals, pathogens and other TMDL's. Used in new and retrofit style construction, the ClearWater BMP can be installed in as little as one hour. Cleaning the unit out takes about 15 minutes. Just empty the trash baskets, vacuum the unit out, and replace the filters.



Results from continual testing at San Diego State University have established excellent results. Since the unit is designed to be non-scouring, retention of captured pollutants is almost 100%. Many competing products capture pollutants only to see them washed out down stream during the next rain storm. The dried material and turbulence of incoming storm water is usually the culprit. The ClearWater BMP is designed with this problem in mind. Large incoming trash is diverted into waiting trash baskets, while the ¾ minus material is diverted through our filtration systems series of settling baffles before the pre-cleaned storm water hits our filters. Our filters will remove pollutants in solution such as, copper, lead, Zinc, and pathogens.


Removal rates for suspended solids are between 90 percent and 97 percent depending on the type of storm and storm water material that our ClearWater BMP encounters. Oil and Grease capture rate is about 86 percent. Zinc capture rate is at 83 percent and Lead is at 81 percent. On-going testing continues and it pays to periodically check up on this web site for new posted testing results.



Since correct storm water filtration designs can be cumbersome and expensive, we designed the ClearWater BMP with reasonable pricing in mind. Most competitive storm water filtration systems are priced anywhere between five and ten times the cost of our units. Most of these systems also require that you build your own concrete retention boxes which add to their costs. Our system is designed to fit into existing concrete structures which will save you money! If you are looking for an inexpensive trash basket style collection system, there are many out there. But remember, NPDES rules change every five years. Don’t get caught purchasing storm water systems that may get out dated before their useful life is done. There are already, many places in the United States that require filtration only systems and this seems where the future is headed.