Maintenance of ClearWater BMP Filters

Easy maintenance of the ClearWater BMP is at the street level. After removal of the units' top through the curb inlet, sediment is vacuumed out and the oil and grease boom is replaced. Through the manhole cover, the trash baskets and filter supports are cleaned and replaced at the same time.

In both dry climates, which create more toxic "first flush" events, and wet climates, which experience heavy water flow runoff, the clearWater BMP keeps your storm drain system running smoothly while continuously improving downstream water quality. Combined with good housekeeping measures and regular maintenance, the ClearWater BMP is ideally suited to help keep our surface waters clean. The ClearWater BMP truly is your "Curb Inlet Pollution Solution".

It is easy to maintain your ClearWater BMP curb inlet filtration unit.

Links on maintaining the ClearWater BMP unit :