Installation of ClearWater BMP Filters

Installation of the ClearWater BMP family of filters is very easy. Since the system is designed to fit down into many existing concrete drainage structures, construction damage to your existing storm drain system is eliminated. Several small holes are drilled into the side of the concrete structure to help attach a bracket system that supports the ClearWater BMP. This bracket system is used to level the filter unit and to secure it from breaking loose during a violent down pour. Once the brackets are in place, the ClearWater BMP is installed piece by piece. Walls, tops, bottoms, baskets, and filters are passed through the curb inlet opening and the entering manhole cover to a waiting installer.Installation times will vary based on the conditions and requirements of the location

If existing concrete wings used to deliver storm water runnoff to the existing concrete box are in place, we provide delivering half pipes that wedge into the wings. These half pipes deliver storm water to the filter unit and eliminate the need to install more than one filter into each storm drain entrance. Careful design and testing have determined that our filtration systems can be installed above the bottom of the concrete wings so that more of your existing storm drain boxes can be utilized and the correct amount of storm water can be delivered to the ClearWater BMP.

If you are building concrete storm drain boxes and want to install our filters, give us a call and we can give you some size specifications. If you are utilizing your existing concrete storm drain system, give us a call and we can let you know which one of our ClearWater BMP systems will work for you.