County of San Diego accepts CLEARWATER SOLUTIONS BMP for use as a structual treatment BMP under the catagory of filtration system. November 28, 2005 Read More

Advanced curb inlet filtration technology
The ClearWater BMP is a powerful advancement in sidewalk curb inlet filtration technology. A patented filter train design allows storm water flows to be screened, settled and then filtered, all within the confines of an existing curb inlet drain box. This aggressive filtration design significantly reduces concentrationS of trash, sediment, hydrocarbons, metals, nutrients and pathogens.

Requires no excavation or concrete modification during installation
Specifically designed for retrofitting within the existing curb and gutter infrastructure, it handles heavy storm flows with ease, dry-weather flows expertly, has mosquito free technology, and requires no excavation or concrete modification. The Clear Water BMP truly is your curb inlet pollution solution!


News Articles:

In Search of the Silver Bullet-

Our search at Clearwater Solutions began about 5 years ago. Pathogens were starting to come to the forefront at municipal and state levels as a pollutant of concern. Tourism was acting as the driving force to start requiring stormwater permit writers to include a total maximum daily load (TMDL) for pathogens in impaired water bodies. And our industry was scrambling to try and find products that would help destroy or limit pathogen bypass in manufactured stormwater systems.By Stewart McClure, November 6, 2008

This article was published on the STORMWATER Journal for Surfacewater Quality Professionals website on 11-06-08

Urban Runoff -
The Biggest Remaining contributor to Water Pollution. The solution to contamination in urban runoff is not out of reach where effective technology is at hand. Read more...

Draining to the Ocean-
The Effects of Stormwater Pollution on Coastal Waters Significant Pollutants Found in Urban Stormwater Read More...
By Ted Morton. December 1997