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ClearWater BMP Unit

US Patent # 7,083,721 The Curb Inlet Filter Pollution Solution

ClearWater BMP Summary of Design

The ClearWater BMP is a powerful advancement in sidewalk curb inlet filtration technology. Specifically designed for retrofitting under the sidewalk and grated inlets within the curb and gutter system, it handles heavy storm water flows with ease, utilizes mosquito free technology, and requires no excavation or concrete modification.

Revolutionary design

The revolutionary design of the ClearWater BMP allows storm water to be screened three times, settled three times, make constant surface contact with an oil and grease separator, pass through a synthetic mesh filter, and finally pass through a column of porous media comprised of natural zeolites, perlite, PathShield™, and/or activated carbon. These media and the unique engineering design of the filter support containing them, enhances removal of smaller particulates, thus improving the quality of life downstream.

Proven Winner

Proven testing from San Diego State University shows that the ClearWater BMP has removal rates of 97% for total suspended solids (TSS), 86% for oil and grease (O & G), 81% for lead (Pb), 83% for zinc (Zn), and 99% for pathogens. Satisfactory rates of removal were accomplished with heavy metals in solution, a claim that will not be found in most competitor's literature since most only clean out larger settled constituents, while the finer materials flow downstream contaminating wildlife and beaches.

Easy maintenance of the ClearWater BMP is done at street level. After removal of the unit's top through the curb inlet or grated inlet, sediment is vacuumed out and the oil and grease boom is replaced. Through the manhole or grated cover, the trash baskets and filter supports are cleaned and replaced at the same time.

Tailored to meet your needs

Tailor the ClearWater BMP to your financial needs. With the filter canisters removed, the screening, settling, and separating activity continues unabated, yet still allows for an upgrade by adding the filter canisters in the future without having to purchase a different filter system. This flexibility creates the opportunity for the ClearWater BMP to help you be NPDES compliant now and remain NPDES compliant in the future.