ClearWater BMP is a Filtration System!

Pollutant of Concern Treatment Control BMP Categories
  Biofilters Detention Basins Infiltration Basins Wet Ponds or Wetlands Drainage Inserts Filtration Hydrodynamic Separator Systems
Sediment M H H H L h M
Nutrients L M M M L M L
Heavy Metals M M M H L H L
Organic U U U U L M L
Trash & Debris L H U U M H M
Demanding L M M M L M L
Bacteria U U H U L M L
Oil & Grease M M U U L H L
Pesticides U U U U L U L

(1)Including trenches and porous pavement.

(2) Also known as hydrodynamic devices and baffle boxes.

  • L:Low removal efficiency
  • M:Medium removal efficiency
  • H:High Removal efficiency;
  • U:Unknown removal efficiency

Sources: Guidance Specifying Management Measures for Sources of Nonpoint Pollution in Coastal Waters (1993) National Stormwater Best Management Practices Database (2001) Guide for BMP Selection in Urban Developed Areas (2001)