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Piped Internal Bypass

The Piped Internal Bypass is just one bypass option typically used in our CrystalClean Separator allowing for bypass of flows greater than the water quality flow, reducing the possibility of re-suspension of collected pollutants. This is a last resort to our internal para-scope bypass. Please contact our engineers for the best option for your project.

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CrystalCombo Hybrid Polisher

Our Hybrid Polisher product combines our field proven CrystalClean Separator with the latest in filter media, creating the ultimate in stormwater treatment train technology. By placing the media in the back of our standard CrystalClean Separator you provide optimal protection improving longevity to the media. This product can be designed to provide 100% top down cleaning and change out of any filter media, eliminating the need for special equipment or confined space training.

CrystalStream Global 5 Year Product Warranty offer a superior level of protection and comfort. By working with the owner we ensure that they will have no concerns or issues with their stormwater treatment unit for years to come.