Stewart McClure -President

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ClearWater™ BMP Unit

Stewart manages the day to day operations of CLEARWATER SOLUTIONS® Inc.. Involved in the design process since its inception, Stewart has clearly shown that the ClearWater BMP far outperforms any competition within the curb-inlet spectrum of Storm filter products. Stewart has a marketing degree from San Diego State University and is President of Apache Asphalt & Seal Corporation, which is involved in road building and drainage construction. Stewart managed a large mining operation for four years, became a stock broker, and has started up and sold four other businesses, ranging from a computer software sales company to an advertising company. Stewart has a wide range of business experience and is well-suited to guide CLEARWATER SOLUTIONS® Inc.

Joe Arthur - Vice President

Joe oversees the sales and production departments of CLEARWATER SOLUTIONS, Inc. Taking care of the sales force and rolling out the national sales program is Joe's main focus. Joe is also President of JCA, Inc which is an Industrial and Manufacturing Consulting company specializing in working with companies that are moving their manufacturing operations. Joe has also been National Sales Manager for Associated Plastics, Inc. for 17 years. Joe's skill in manufacturing and sales is a valuable asset to CLEARWATER SOLUTIONS® Inc.

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Stewart McClure President
Joe Arthur Vice President
Tina Bennett Customer Contact