CLEARWATER SOLUTIONS® Inc. was created out of frustrated necessity. CLEARWATER SOLUTIONS® saw a need for a TRUE retro-fit curb inlet filter. Before the creation of the ClearWater BMP, there were only trash basket drop in filters. Yes, they collect trash but they don’t get the real pollutants that adversely affect down stream and ocean life. Also, many of these trash basket systems have scour problems. In other words, the next rain storm that comes along will wash out what they captured during the previous rain storm. Many people thought that a true storm water filtration system could not be built within existing concrete curb inlet systems. Stewart McClure, company President, decided to work on the problem. He came up with a simple working design that is quickly becoming acknowledged as the practical and affordable filtration system accepted in cities throughout the United States. Joe Arthur, company Production Manager and Vice President worked with Stewart McClure adjusting the original design to improve collection rates. After six years of testing and design work, the ClearWater BMP was ready for the storm water market.

Storm water rules have been rapidly changing over the past few years and as a consequence many new products have become available. Some of these products perform well and some others do not perform well. We at CLEARWATER SOLUTIONS® Inc. realize that it can be difficult sorting through the different manufactures claims. It is our hope that the EPA establishes a nationwide testing program for existing and new storm water products so that you can make better choices regarding your storm water program. We think that proper product selection will not only help you to make smart decisions about what you need now but also protect your investment into the future. Also, with proper product selection, you will be protecting down stream life and keeping our water playgrounds safer for future generations.

We believe that you will never regret purchasing our products. From production to personal support, you will be pleased with our ClearWater BMP filter systems. We designed the filters to be adjusted to your needs. If you have a specific TMDL that you must get out of a water body, we can adjust our filter media to accommodate your needs. We know that NPDES rules will get more strict every five years and it is important that you purchase products that don’t become obsolete. The ClearWater BMP family of products are created to keep you NPDES compliant now and in the future.

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